Complete Bridge Crane Systems

Box Girder Installation

Ceiling Mounted Enclosed Rail Workstaion Crane

Harriman Material Handling is an equipment supplier and service company specializing in overhead cranes and hoists. Our runway and bridge crane systems are built to your specifications and installed nationwide. 

Don't know if you need a top running or underhung crane? Courious about the difference in single and double girder bridge cranes? Our team team of professionals is here to assist you in determining the ideal crane system for your specific application.

Harriman Material Handling has a team of installation and service technicians so you can feel confident that you will be supported before, during, and after the sale.  

Our high quality bridge cranes and crane runways include:

Bridge Cranes


  • Single Girder Manual Bridge Crane: This is the least expensive bridge crane available. The bridge crane is propelled by either pushing the hoist's load chain with a basic push type bridge or with the use of a hand chan on a hand geared bridge crane. Loads are easy to position, and move at the pace of the operator.  
  • Single Girder Motorized Bridge Crane: The most common capacities are 1-10 ton.This bridge crane is available with variable and 2 speed controls. 
  • Enclosed Track Workstation Cranes: These systems are light weight making them ideal for manual applications. Gorbel workstation cranes are available up to 2 ton capacity with spans up to 34' and can be either ceiling mounted or free standing.

Top Running

  • Single Girder Manual: Handles loads up to 45 feet and 5 tons though push/pull models are not recommended for handling anything more than 2 tons. The hand chain models generally handle a capacity up to 15 tons.
  • Single Girder, Motor Driven: This model has a reduced torque start and electronic dual speed operation. It has spans that can exceed 85 feet and is available in 1 - 20 ton capacities .
  • Double Girder: This bridge crane has almost unlimited capabilities. It can be built to have 2 hoists on one trolley. This is the most heavy duty model available and can handle the wider spans and heavier loads that the smaller cranes cannot.

Free Standing Workstation

Knee Brace Crane Runway

Top Running Free Standing

Top Running Semi Free Standing

Under Ceiling Mounted Crane

Underhung Crane

Crane Runways

Top Running

  • Work Station: This crane is ideal for rented or leased properties. It is easily relocated due to its modular design. This crane runway handles 1 to 5 ton capacities, the runway is 50 feet, and it spans up to 39 feet. This crane runway is compatible with a double girder crane or both single girder, motor driven bridge cranes.

  • Knee Braced: This model easily adjusts in height and length for relocating or accommodating various applications. Handles 1 to 25 ton loads. This crane runway corresponds with the double girder bridge crane or both the manual and motorized top running, single girder bridge cranes.

  • Header Braced: This model can handle multiple bridge cranes and is completely free standing. Handles loads from 1 to 25 tons. They are self supporting and ideal for places where floor space is limited. It is compatible with motorized or manual single girder bridge cranes or a double girder bridge crane.

  • Semi-Free Standing: This is the least expensive of the free standing crane runways. Typically works with 1 to 50 ton loads but can have a higher capacity if needed. Available in unlimited lengths and has excellent headroom. This model accommodates multiple cranes such as manual or motorized single girder bridge cranes or the heavy duty double girder bridge crane.

Under Hung

  • Free Standing: This runway has the best overall hook coverage and expands most easily out of all the crane runways. It typically has a capacity of 1/2 to 15 tons. It can be pneumatic, hand chain, push type or motorized to suit any application or plant setting. This crane system works with motorized or manual single girder bridge cranes.

  • Ceiling Mounted: This crane systems transfers cargo from bay to bay efficiently and safely. It is either hand-geared, push/pull, or air/electric powered. The model has a bridge and trolley end design.

Enclosed Rail

  • Free Standing: This is a lightweight, modular designed crane handling a capacity of us to 2 tons. It is made for simple jobs and is easy to use. Crane runway systems are built by CraneWerks, Gorbel, SPANCO, or Kundel.
  • Ceiling Mounted: This model allows for quick maneuverability of loads, simple access and set-up, and handles loads of 150 lbs - 4000 lbs. This model is either motor driven or a push type system.

For more information regarding these bridge cranes or crane runway systems, contact us. We are also a material handling equipment supplier of jib cranes, monorails, fall protection equipment, and hoists.