Air Powered Hoists


Air-powered hoists are great for high speed applications where frequent starts and stops are a factor. It has unbeatable load-spotting control and is able to be used in highly repetitive applications. If air is readily available for use, these hoists are easily moveable within the plant. It has a high capacity of 100 tons and can continuously work with the maximum load without overheating. The air powered hoist provides an explosion proof work environment and has low headroom. As long as it is kept clean and sterile, it is perfect for use with food grade applications including pharmaceutical and food/beverage processing. Food grade features for the air powered hoist include:

  • Patented oil free motor
  • Nickel plated hoist body
  • Stainless steel chain and hooks
  • Sealed motor and gearbox
  • Filtered or piped exhaust
  • FDA approved white epoxy
  • Food grade lubricants

Large Capacity Air Hoist