Electric Chain Hoists


The electric chain hoist is ideal for applications in rough environments and requiring heavy duty equipment. This hoist requires low maintenance and has a load hauling range of 1/4 ton to 20 tons. It can also be outfitted with hand-geared, motorized, and push trolleys for additional applications. The electric chain hoist can be used in clean assembly applications including pharmaceutical and food processing. It has a long-lift application, which allows for work with windmill generators. It has a lifting speed of up to 128 fpm and incorporates a hand brake for steady lifting during windmill maintenance. Additional options available for the electric chain hoists include:

  • Additional lift
  • Radio control
  • VFD (Variable frequency drive)
  • Hoist overload protection
  • Rotary limit switch
  • Manipulator control
  • Bullard or Sue-loc and insulated hooks

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Electric Chain Hoist