Fall Protection Equipment

Fall Protection Equipment

At Harriman Material Handling, we strive to provide you
with the most protective equipment in order to ensure
your safety in the workplace. On the job fatalities are many
times associated with falls. By using our high quality fall
protection equipment, you can provide your employees
with a safer work environment.

Using their many years of experience, our manufacturers create high quality self-retracting lines, shock absorbing lanyards and full body harnesses to keep you protected on the job. All protection gear should be chosen carefully to ensure proper fit and coordinating gear. Harnesses depend primarily on waist size; however height can take part as well. It is also important to consider the application you will be using the harness for. Primary applications include: fall arrest, work positioning, rescue and restraint.


 Stretchable Lanyard


  • Stretchable Single Hook
  • Stretchable Double Hook
  • Vinyl Covered Cable
  • Twin Leg
  • Web Loop
  • Tie Back
  • Kevlar Webbing
  • Y-Lanyard
  • Rope Lanyard

Retractable Lanyards

  • Web
  • Steel Cable
  • Heavy Duty
  • Picker



  • Standard Vest Style
  • Cross-Over Style
  • Construction Style
  • Tower Climbing
  • Step-In Style Reflective
  • Kevlar
  • Work Vest
  • Dorsal Web Loop
  • Off-Shore Lifejacket
  • Camo Harness

Full Body Harness


Fall Systems & Superstructures

At Harriman, we provide free-standing structures protect employees in the workplaces. These structures help protect against the number one cause of on-the-job fatalities—falls. Save your company from loss of productivity and worker’s compensation by investing in a safer way to work. We supply a variety of fall protection systems and services including:

  • Free-standing monorails
  • Ceiling supported monorails
  • Free-standing bridge crane systems
  • Retractable jib cranes
  • Ceiling mounted bridge systems
  • Stairs, walkways, and draw bridges
  • Service platforms
  • Body harnesses, shock absorbing lanyards, and self-retracting life lines
  • Inspection services of fall protection systems

Mobile Platforms

Contact us for more information regarding our fall protection systems and services.