When it comes to air-powered hoists, electric chain hoists,
or electric wire rope hoists, Harriman Material Handling
has a full line of hoisting equipment. Hoists are available
through various manufacturers including, but not limited
to: Harrington, Detroit, Yale, Shaw Box, Coffing,
Budgit, CM, Gorbel,  R&M, and ACCO. Whether
you need a hoist to consistently lift large loads over
multiple shifts or a half ton manual hoist for lighter
jobs we have the right hoist to get the job done.

Harriman Material Handling offers a wide variety of hoists to suit your lifting needs, whatever they may be. Whether you need to lift 50-ton rolls of sheet metal or position windshields for installation, Harriman has the right solution to meet your production goals. Our extensive line of products include air-powered hoists, electric chain hoists, wire rope hoists, and more.

For more information on hoists supplied by Harriman Material Handling, contact us. One of our qualified engineers will help you find what you’re looking for based on your unique application.