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Electric Chain Hoist

The electric chain hoist is ideal for applications in rough environments and requiring heavy duty equipment. This hoist requires low maintenance and has a load hauling range of 1/4 ton to 20 tons. It can also be outfitted with hand-geared, motorized, and push trolleys for additional applications. The electric chain hoist can be used in clean assembly applications including pharmaceutical and food processing. It has a long-lift application, which allows for work with windmill generators. It has a lifting speed of up to 128 fpm and incorporates a hand brake for steady lifting during windmill maintenance. Additional options available for the electric chain hoists include:

  • Additional lift
  • Radio control
  • VFD (Variable frequency drive)
  • Hoist overload protection
  • Rotary limit switch
  • Manipulator control
  • Bullard or Sue-loc and insulated hooks

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Electric Chain Hoist

Wire Rope Hoist

The electric wire rope hoist is generally used with top running, single or double girder cranes. This hoist has long lifting capabilities and exceptionally fast lifting speeds. It provides an explosion proof atmosphere, low headroom, and can be used for food grade applications. Basic designs include built-up and modular hoist systems. The modular system has a general capacity of 1/2 ton to 50 tons whereas the built-up system handles up to 300 tons. Additional options include:

  • Stainless steel wire rope
  • VFD controls (variable frequency drive)
  • Load cells (displays weight of current load)
  • Secondary mechanical brakes
  • Rotary limit switches
  • Radio controls
  • Overload protection devices

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Wire Rope Hoist

Manual Chain Hoist

Manual hoists are available in two types: pull lever and hand chain. Both are the most economical hoist system available and are often used in construction, public utilities, and manufacturing. Lever puller hoists transfer loads vertically or horizontally and the smallest models can fit in a carrying case attached to your tool belt. Hand chain hoists are the simplified way to lift up to 50 tons; it provides low headroom with a trolley and spark resistant features.

Manual Chain Hoist

Pneumatic Hoist

Air-powered hoists are great for high speed applications where frequent starts and stops are a factor. It has unbeatable load-spotting control and is able to be used in highly repetitive applications. If air is readily available for use, these hoists are easily moveable within the plant. It has a high capacity of 100 tons and can continuously work with the maximum load without overheating. The air powered hoist provides an explosion proof work environment and has low headroom. As long as it is kept clean and sterile, it is perfect for use with food grade applications including pharmaceutical and food/beverage processing. Food grade features for the air powered hoist include:

  • Patented oil free motor
  • Nickel plated hoist body
  • Stainless steel chain and hooks
  • Sealed motor and gearbox
  • Filtered or piped exhaust
  • FDA approved white epoxy
  • Food grade lubricants
Air Hoist

Manipulators & Balancers

Manipulators and balancers are the most economical, safe alternative to manual heavy lifting. By using air and spring mechanics, tools and other objects are manipulated at the operator’s pace. They are ideal for high paced, repetitious tasks.

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Air Hoist