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Harriman Material Handling is the one source for all your material handling needs, including bridge cranes, jib cranes, crane runways, and hoists. We provide a wide variety of load-transfer and lifting systems that make your heavy lifting jobs easier. We also offer a full range of fall protection equipment to keep your employees safe on the job. Our Emergency Service is available 24/7 and our technicians can provide inspection and maintenance for your overhead crane and hoists.

top-running, header-braced, knee-braces, free-standing runway systems


Harriman offers a complete service from runway surveys, repair and construction to the safe installation of free-standing, braced and ceiling-supported runway systems.

Overhead Cranes, Top-running, Underhung, Enclosed Track


Harriman offers a complete line of custom made bridge cranes, designed for your particular application. Available in both top-running and underhung formats, our engineers can design a system that’s right for you.

chain hoist, wire rope hoist, electric hoist, pneumaic hoist, manual hoist


Harriman carries all the top lines of hoist. We have the hoist system to handle your lifting requirements from chain to wire rope, electric to manual and pneumatic.

Inspection, Maintenance, Repairs for Overhead Cranes, Hoists and Runways


Emergency Service 24/7 for your overhead crane and hoists to get you back up and running. We also perform OSHA required inspections as well as periodic inspections, with full repair and maintenance capabilities.

Jib Crane, Gantry Crane, Monorails for light to medium duty


Harriman offers a complete line of light and medium duty jibs, gantrys and monorail systems to safely lift and move material.

Case Study: Galvanizing Plant Bridge Crane Rehab

A galvanizing plant in Muncie, Indiana had a bridge crane in need of some serious assistance. Galvanizing is a process by which metal pieces and equipment are coated by molten zinc, making them many times more resistant to oxidization. The hot-dip galvanizing process involves some extremely corrosive chemicals (most notably hydrochloric acid [HCL]) that have a hugely damaging effect on any metal equipment used in the galvanizing process. Even the hardiest steel bridge crane can’t stand long against that kind of daily caustic bombardment… we should know, because the 10-year-old bridge crane in question was one of our own – a 10-ton single-girder top running unit that CraneWerks designed, built and installed in 2010. Under normal circumstances and with regular maintenance, this crane would’ve lasted 30 years or more without breaking a sweat. After a single decade in this environment, though, it looked more like a 100-year-old crane than a 10-year-old one.

Below-the-Hook Lifting Devices

Below-the-Hook lifting devices and end effectors are used to attach loads to overhead hoisting equipment. They are used to move any load that doesn’t have a lifting lug or a place to attach a single hoist hook to the load. They are commonly used in such applications as: plate handling, pipe lifting, stone cutting, glass handling, steel handling, drum handling, and odd-shaped loads.

Below-The-Hook Devices, End effecters, lifting devices

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Fall Protection, Safety harness, lanyards, body harness


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