Optimizing Production Capacity: A Customized Super Structure with Gorbel Cranes

Case Study

Harriman Material Handling collaborated with CraneWerks to provide Hendrickson, a global leader in commercial transportation solutions, to implement an advanced material handling system that would optimize their production capacity. 


This initiative combined Gorbel workstation cranes, CraneWerks’ structural double girder bridge cranes with nested trolleys, a mezzanine, and Magnetek power systems. All these components were harmoniously integrated within a challenging timeline, allowing our dedicated installation team to collaborate amidst ongoing production and multiple contractors.

Hendrickson previously had a CraneWerks and HMH system, which was limited to a single bridge. Before installing the new equipment, we shifted this 6-ton setup using two 3-ton bridge cranes over a weekend to prevent production interruptions.

Our specialists then appended a Gorbel superstructure to the workstation crane’s end, accommodating two bridges. This setup offered a backup, ensuring uninterrupted production even if one crane malfunctioned.

While the crane system was being set up, we simultaneously installed new conveyors, mainly during weekends. Due to the urgency, some tasks were executed during weekdays alongside their active production.


Several challenges arose:

  1. Integration: We needed to meld the superstructures, runways, and erect a sturdy mezzanine to house new equipment, panels, and three-slide systems. Notably, the superstructure spanned 40′, reducing the required columns by four.
  2. Time Constraints: Operating within a packed schedule, we seamlessly integrated the new systems alongside their ongoing production. Collaborating with other contractors in such a setting was daunting, but CraneWerks efficiently coordinated all involved parties.


The meticulous design ensured productivity boosts without hampering production. Harriman’s strategy facilitated a versatile integration, minimizing future rewiring or alterations.

System Highlights:

  • Integrated maintenance gates on both runways eased future bridge installations and repairs.
  • The upgraded double girder bridges and trolleys enhanced runway capacity, supporting up to four additional bridges.
  • The mezzanine’s design elevated production controls, freeing the production floor.
  • Using the Magnetek ELECTROBAR® Elite streamlines future expansions.
  • The conductor bar powers various tools, including monitors and fans.
  • Extra trolleys empowered production monitors, offering flexibility in their placement.


HMH’s teamwork culminated in a robust material handling system, significantly amplifying production capabilities. This underscores the system’s adaptability and growth potential for the client.

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