Ingersoll Rand – Manual Hoists


1/4 – 20 metric ton Lifting Capacity. Ingersoll Rand Kinetic Series premium manual chain hoists are engineered for the harshest of environments and deliver exceptional durability to meet your toughest demands. With grade 100 Electro-galvanized chain, cast hook latches, all steel construction and extensive use of bearings these hoists are designed to LAST with minimal down time.


  • All steel construction for exceptional durability and light weight

  • Reinforced double pawl brake with large diameter pawl springs for a highly dependable brake system

  • Single chain fall through 3 metric tons

  • Full bearing construction on load sprockets and pinion shaft for reduced pull effort and longer life

  • Premium grade 100, Electro-Galvanized chain designed for exceptional corrosion resistance for increased durability.

  • Heavy duty cast hook latches designed for less latch replacements

C Series Ratchet Puller

The C-Series includes rugged cast aluminum wire rope pullers designed to store more wire rope than all-steel ratchet pullers. Rigged double line, they handle those long reach pulling or lifting jobs up to 3,400 lbs. with no problem “One notch at a time” lowering is assured by the ratchet and pawl system. The gear teeth are IR’s “Buttress Tooth” design for additional strength and longer gear life.


Cable Puller:

  • 4:1 design factor for lifting, lowering and pulling. Meets Specifications

  • Overload safety handle is designed to deform when capacity rating is exceeded

  • Lightweight aluminum frame

  • Alloy steel load hook with safety latches

  • One piece cast aluminum drum

  • Buttress tooth design improves load gear life

  • Solid steel drive and holding dog, not laminated plates

  • Galvanized aircraft-quality wire rope

  • Ratchet and pawl system provides safe, one-notch-at-a-time lowering

  • Cable guide and shield protects wire rope and spools cable evenly on drum

  • Reversible handle changes position easily, so pull is always possible in the right direction, against the load

  • Easy to repair, replacement parts available

  • Plated external parts for corrosion resistance

Strap Puller:

  • All the features of our popular C Series, plus the following unique features:

  • Three hooks allow 2 ton capacity; 6 foot pull with double line and 1 ton capacity with 12 foot pull using single line

  • Non-conductive, corrosion resistant, high strength synthetic strap will not kink or bind

  • Easy pay-out of strap for fast set-up