Yale Wire Rope Hoists


Yale YK Wire Rope Hoist

Electric Wire Rope Hoists

The Yale YK delivers industry-leading technology, safety and performance for your lifting applications in a compact and easy-to-maintain design.

When you need quality and performance in a wire rope hoist, turn to the Yale® YK™ hoist from Columbus McKinnon. Based on German technology, the YK delivers the industry-leading technology and safety you need for your lifting applications in a design that is compact and easy to maintain. Precision engineered for optimal performance, these monorail units are built for reliable operation, high efficiency, and long service life and are competitively priced for the U.S. market.


2-part single or 4-part single reeving is available, depending on the application.


Hoists can be configured to your unique application needs. Available in 5 frame sizes with 16 load capacity variants.


Assembled in Wadesboro, North Carolina, with German-made components, these units have short lead times to meet tight deadlines.


Compact dimensions dues to U-shape design. Exceptionally short approach allows for optimum use of work area when space is limited.


Extremely smooth starting and braking characteristics.


The KE monorail trolley is used on monorail runways and single-girder overhead traveling cranes. Trolley is easily adjustable for different beam sizes and comes standard with two speed trolley. Available for 1-15 ton capacities.


Specially designed for small clearances, the UE monorail trolley has a narrow width. It is used on monorail runways and single girder overhead travling cranes. Available only for 20-30 ton capacities.


Provides reliable, user-friendly controls and industry-leading features to keep you working safely. Additional features are available for user configuration.


Allows for expanded speed adjustments, improved load control, high duty cycles, and increased crane life.


Largely maintenance-free design with field-proven components designed for low wear and long service life.


Standard safety features include block-operated limit switch, adjustable geared limit switch, motor, temperature control, and overload protection.




Available for power supply with adjustable height and length.


Standard version includes limit switching in both directions, switching from fast/slow, and IP65 or NEMA 4/4X rating. Wired and mounted to the hoist.

Yale Y80 Wire Rope Hoist

Electric Wire Rope Hoists

The heavy-duty Y80 hoist is available as a single- or double-reeved unit and features a powerful drive motor and reliable dual braking system.

Yale Y80 Wire Rope Hoists are ideally suited for virtually any lifting application. Their modular design and versatility provide a wide range of capacities, lifts, hoist speeds, and control options, making it possible to select the most efficient hoist for the job without wasted capacity or overkill.

Additional features and benefits include:

  • Lug, Push, Geared or Motorized Trolley
  • Easily accessible control enclosure facilitates maintenance
  • D.C. disc motor brake for smooth braking action
  • High torque, heavy-duty hoist motor for smooth hoisting action
  • Block operated upper limit stop to limit upward hook travel
  • Convenient one-handed pushbutton control for easy operation of all motions
  • 115 volts at push button for operator safety
  • Push-button cable with built in strain reliever cable as used on single speed hoist applications (All others use a separate steel strain reliever cable.)
  • Improved plow steel pre-formed cable for maximum strength and life
  • Full-swiveling, heat-treated forged an existing facility, reducing or steel hook with spring loaded latch
  • Shrouded lower block to help prevent pinched fingers
  • Alloy aluminum gear case and cover is lightweight yet rugged
  • Oil level plug permits easy inspection of oil level
  • Anti-friction bearings throughout for a long lasting hoist drive train
  • Positive action mechanical load lowering control brake, also acts as a part of the hoist holding brake system
  • Triple reduction helical/spur gearing operates in oil bath lube for maximum gearing life
  • Deep grooved, large diameter rope drum helps prevent rope mounting from an overhead structure, or with any of our overwrap for longer wire rope life
  • Heavy welded steel frame ensures precise fit for long hoisting machinery life
  • Magnetek frequency control drives are available as an option for hoist and trolley

Yale LodeKing LT Electric Wire Rope Hoist

Electric Wire Rope Hoists

The Yale LodeKing LT™ wire rope hoist provides the same high-quality performance and durability of the original LodeKing™ in an ultra-low-headroom design, making it the ideal choice when purchasing a new or replacement hoist for applications with space limitations.
The LodeKing LT features plastic-infused wire rope that prevents metal-to-metal contact between strands, helping to reduce abrasion and wear within the wire rope.

The LodeKing LT low-headroom models are available in capacities from 10 to 25 tons and, depending on your application needs, are available in economical low-horsepower, top-running and deck-mount models.

Standard Benefits & Features:

  • True Vertical Lift: Better load control. Easy movement and placement of product.
  • Heavy-Duty Steel Drum: 50% groove depth to guard against rope jumping out of groove.
  • Industry-Proven Gear Drive: Easy-to-maintain gear drive features a sight glass for quick inspection of the oil level. Standard availability improves product lead time.
  • Standard Flux Vector Hoist Drive Package: Improves load control and allows for precise movements. Reduces brake wear.
  • Magnetek IMPULSE® VG+ Series 4 Drive: What’s driving your hoist? This best-in-class drive was designed with industry-leading safety and performance features. Multiple control options and power supplies are available. (See brochure for full details)
  • Plastic-Infused Wire Rope: Specifically developed for maximum performance on overhead cranes. Plastic-coated core prevents metal-to-metal contact between the core and outer strands, helping to reduce abrasion and wear while increasing the rope strength.
  • Trolley VFD Control Standard on All Units: Allows for smooth acceleration and deceleration.
  • Supplemental Upper & Lower Limit Switch: Safely stops load from being lifted or lowered beyond set limits, reducing damage to equipment and hoist.
  • Exceeds CMAA Class D Rope-to-Sheave & Drum Diameter: Reduces rope maintenance.
  • 200% Motor Brake Torque Rating: Secondary brake exceeds CMAA Standards. Stops and holds a rated load quickly and securely.
  • External Hoist Brake Resistor: Allows for dynamic braking and uninterrupted drive service at high duty cycles. Hoists are not equipped with load brakes, reducing heat generation in high-duty-cycle applications.
  • 15 to 25 HP Motors Available: Offers wide range of hoist lifting speeds.
  • Wheel Blocks Using Integral Axle Trolley Wheel Components: Ideal for Class D service requirements. Ball bearings used on 10-ton capacity and roller bearings used for 15 through 25-ton capacities.
  • Thermal Overload Protection: Provided with the drive.
  • Electronic Hoist Monitoring Card: Hoist comes standard with Pulse™ Monitor Card that records key information that can simplify troubleshooting and help reduce maintenance costs. Learn more.

Optional Features:

  • Load Sensing: Standard field programmable
  • Auxiliary Holding Brake
  • Wide Range of Lifts and Trolley Gauges
  • Overlay Protection with Spooling Bar

Yale Cable King Electric Wire Rope Hoist

Electric Wire Rope Hoists

Ideal for use in both standard industrial and hazardous environments, the Cable King is one of the most customizable hoists available on the market.

Monorail and Base Mount Unit (Single Reeved)

Features and Benefits Include:

  • Lug, Plain, Geared, Motorized Trolley, Base & Deck Mount
  • One-Piece Welded Steel Frame
  • Precision Spur Gearing
  • Machined Steel Rope Drum
  • Enclosed Bottom Blocks with 360° Hook Rotation
  • High starting torque motor designed especially for hoisting service
  • Automotive-Type Drive Shaft for a smooth running, long-lasting drive
  • Weston Screw-Type Load Brake and Disk-Type AC
  • Motor Brakes

Monorail and Deck Mount Unit (Double Reeved)

Features and Benefits Include:

  • Lug, Plain, Geared, Motorized Trolley, Base & Deck Mount
  • One-Piece Welded Steel Frame
  • Precision Spur Gearing
  • Machined Steel Rope Drum
  • Enclosed Bottom Blocks with 360° Hook Rotation
  • High starting torque motor designed especially for hoisting service
  • Automotive-Type Drive Shaft for a smooth running, long-lasting drive
  • Weston Screw-Type Load Brake and Disk-Type AC
  • Motor Brakes

TB/TR Double Girder Trolley Hoist

Features and Benefits Include:

  • TB Capacity 5 – 20 Tons
  • TR Capacity 5 – 35 Tons
  • Faster lifting speeds and heavy-duty service
  • Available in a variety of gages
  • Flux vector hoist control with Magnetek drives on motors 25 Hp and larger
  • Single, two speed or Magnetek inverter controls on motors under 25 Hp
  • Weston screw-and-disc type load brake through 20HP
  • AC-disc-type motor brake
  • Upper and lower geared limit switch
  • Upper plugging limit switch
  • Rubber bumpers
  • Rail sweeps
  • Conforms with ASME B30.2
  • Available for Class ‘D’ and CMAA 70 specifications
  • TR only available in Double Reeved