Understanding the Importance of Overhead Crane Runways

Workplace Safety

Regular inspections and maintenance on overhead crane runways are essential to prevent accidents and downtime, ultimately saving time, money, and grief for businesses. Overhead crane runways play a vital role in supporting crane systems, but they are subject to wear and tear over time. Issues such as hardware cracking and falling is a major safety hazard as it could create other operational inefficiencies, or worse, land on personnel.

A red runway built for an overhead bridge crane system which needs maintenance, as inspected by Harriman Material Handling service technician is pictured highlighting the curvature of the runway itself, noting in yellow text, "that is NOT a straight runway."

Misalignment can also cause excessive wear on bridge crane wheels, potentially leading to costly repairs and extremely dangerous situations.

Picture this:

Your rail span or elevation is out of alignment. Now your crane is skewing on the runway, leading to excessive flange wear on the bridge and wheels. Eventually, the crane comes out of square and there is now even more severe bridge wheel wear and cracked end trucks, making your crucial picks completely ineffective. Fast forward and the crane is severely worn, it jumps the rail, and causes a shock load condition on the wire ropes, snapping your rope and dropping the load.

We don’t want that for you, and we know you don’t want that either.

Taking a Proactive Approach

Whether you have a workstation, free-standing, semi-free standing, header-braced, or knee-braced top running runway, a free-standing, ceiling-mounted underhung runway, or finally a free-standing or ceiling-mounted enclosed track runway, taking care of your overhead crane system and runway is critical to extend the life of the bridge crane wheels and keep the crane in alignment. With some bridge wheels now costing upwards of $10K/unit, we’re here to help you pay smaller prices by getting ahead of major disasters.

Ensuring Safety & Efficiency

Taking proactive steps to ensure workplace safety and efficiency is paramount in industrial operations. By paying attention to signs of wear and tear on overhead crane runways and investing in regular maintenance, businesses can mitigate risks and optimize performance. HMH stands ready to support businesses with expert guidance and comprehensive maintenance services, ensuring that overhead crane runways are maintained to the highest standards. Connect with HMH today to prioritize safety and efficiency in your operations.

Prioritizing runway maintenance is essential for ensuring the safety and efficiency of industrial operations. By partnering with HMH for expert guidance and support, businesses can proactively address maintenance needs and mitigate risks, ultimately saving time and money while promoting a safer work environment.

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